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Now Flash Learner

2011-09-03 17:31:20 by LightZero0

Hello Guys I Be Been Trying to learn all about actionscript and other things like how to do sprite batlles so i be gonna do 2 things edit sprites and try to do flash so thanks for see bye


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2011-09-03 17:48:53

You need help.


2011-09-09 20:17:49

hey dude sorry i didnt teach ya anything but if i have time i'l teach you how to make rpg games.


2011-09-14 21:37:38

Sprite battles? I will blam those unholy things If I see them on the portal.


2011-11-18 21:04:20

hey dude. sorry i havent talked to ya for a while. hope to talk again soon. oh and have you heard? newgrounds radio chat is down for good. hold on i'll message you.